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Residential Cleaning

The Right People,
The Right Solution.

----  Perfect Klean provides quality residential cleaning services throughout Christchurch.

---- We offer move in or move out cleaning services to help reduce stress of cleaning.

---- Trust our cleaning team to provide you with a clean safe and healthy home free of dust, contaminants and germs.

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---- Move In / Move Out

---- Deep Cleaning

---- Regular Cleaning

---- Specialised Cleaning

Move Out Cleaning.

---- Moving out of your current property is a huge task and can be stressful. The cleaning process is incredibly exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally.

---- Stress is known factor in heart disease, mental health and auto immune disease.

---- Let the experts at Perfect Klean help with this daunting experience.

---- We provide quality and reliable end of tenancy cleaning services to ensure tenants get their bond back without any disputes.

Move In Cleaning.

---- Moving into a new property is exciting, but it can also be time consuming and stressful.

---- Our moving in services are for new tenants and home owners requiring professional cleaning before moving in.

---- We offer quality and thorough residential cleaning and sanitising to ensure you have a clean, safe and healthy home.


Interested in Residential Cleaning Service?

Our team of experts will personally perform a diligent inspection of your residential property to create your bespoke green cleaning plan.

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