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About Us.

Established in 2015


Christchurch City

Target Market


---- Perfect Klean is a family-owned cleaning company established in 2015 servicing residential and commercial buildings throughout Christchurch.

---- As a
family owned business, we are committed to providing the highest level of service and committed to treating our clients and our employees with respect and integrity.

The Right Tools,
The Right Solution.

-- We aim to continually improve our cleaning practices to reduce consumption, minimise waste production and provide more efficient cleaning methods.

Quality Assurance.jpg

Cleaning Standard.

Top Priority

---- Health and Safety are our top priority.

---- Our commitment is to continually improve our cleaning methods and procedures to improve our services.

Green Cleaning.


---- We aim to reduce environmental impact and reduce potential harm to human health, protecting the health of building occupants and our cleaners.

Green Cleaning.jpg
Cleaning Trolley_edited.jpg

Colour - Coded.


---- We use separate tools for different cleaning tasks and areas.

---- Our colour coded mop heads, microfiber cloths and cleaning chemicals to prevent cross contamination, enhances building safety and prevents chemical misuse.

Benefits of Green Cleaning.

----  We use the latest cleaning techniques and procedures to help minimise the use of chemical solutions and to clean efficiently and effectively.

---- Our carefully selected cleaning producst are environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Engineer Examining Air Conditioner_edited.jpg

Improved Indoor  Air Quality.

---- We use High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration equipped vacuum cleaners in order to reduce microscopic pollutants and allergens.

----Using vacuum with HEPA filters not only cleans the floor or carpets but also captures and traps harmful contaminants becoming airbourne.

99.99% Filtration

100% Cleaner Indoor Air Quality


---- Environmental Choice NZ approved green cleaning chemicals do not contain triclosan and have low volatile organic compounds, which affects indoor air quality.

---- Triclosan a chemical used in some antibacterial products which also recently banned in the USA which has been linked to allergies, skin irritation, respiratory problems and bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

0% Toxic Chemicals

100% User Safety

chemical safe.jpg
Flowers in Glass Jar_edited.jpg

Healthier Environment.

---- Green cleaning is a proven cost effective way of reducing air pollutants and chemical exposures in home and workplace.

---- Going green when cleaning can reduce water pollution, air pollution, and ozone depletion.

100% Healthy

100% Happines

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