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Specialised Cleaning

The Right Tools,
The Right Solution.

---- Perfect Klean provides extensive cleaning services than your average cleaning business.

---- Our comprehensive commercial and residential cleaning services​ includes: High Area Dusting, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning and Hard Floor Cleaning.

---- We have a reputation for consistent and at the highest level of cleaning.

---- One-Off Cleaning

---- Regular Cleaning

---- Scheduled Cleaning

---- Emergency Cleaning

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

---- Approximately 75 percent of soils in carpet are made up of insoluble matter comprising of sand and dirt, the rest are oily soils, dust mite droppings, smoke, vaporised oils from cooking and other pollutants.

---- Carpet traps soils, gases and pet dander, over time soils and other pollutants build up and affect indoor air quality and prolonged exposure may cause respiratory problems such as asthma and allergy attack.

---- Studies shown hot water extraction is the most effective method in removing soils and pollutant from carpet and upholstery.

---- Proper and regular carpet cleaning enhances appearance of any room, promotes cleanliness of home or commercial building.

6-Step Carpet Cleaning.

---- We offer Hot Water Extraction,  Steam Cleaning,  carpet cleaning for residential and commercial clients and Encapsulation for large area commercial buildings. 

----Our carpet cleaning equipment are of the highest standard and gained the highest Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) seal of approval.

High Area Dusting.

---- Dust Inhalation is a health hazard and commercial spaces has a responsibility to manage their dust build up.


---- Facility Managers and regulatory agencies have recently increased their focus on indoor air quality in workplaces and facilities.

---- High Dusting is a process of cleaning hard to reach areas by removing bacteria, dust and dirt build-up. High areas that are being cleaned (air vents, ceilings, pipes, etc.) are usually over 5 meters high.


---- Perfect Klean has a unique method of high dusting capturing dust at the source. We specialise in cleaning hard to reach high areas such as Pipes, Beams of Shopping centres, Rafters of School gyms, Fitness centres, Auto Shop Service Bays, Manufacturing and Industrial plants.

Window Washing.

---- Regular window cleaning is important in protecting your windows from long term irreversible damage.


---- Overtime dust, debris, moisture buildup can cause your windows to look dull and cause harmful growth of bacteria and mould.


---- Cleaning your windows will not only ensure your windows look great but also ensure that you have a safe and healthy home or workplace.


----We offer high-end, quality window cleaning for both residential and commercial properties at a competitive price using traditional and pure water window cleaning method depending on the requirements.

Floor Polishing.

---- We specialise in restoring all types of floors, our fully trained technician undertake the tasks of cleaning, stripping, sealing, buffing and polishing all types of flooring.


---- Perfect Klean can customise a hard surface floor cleaning program to suit your requirements and budget program is available annually, or monthly and by adding a supplementary program ensure that floors maintain a pristine appearance and condition.

Disinfection Cleaning.

---- Our disinfection service to help limit the spread of Corona Virus and assist in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. We use a broad spectrum environmental and user friendly disinfectant, highly effective against fungi, bacteria (gram-positive and gram-negative) and viruses ( H5N1, H1N1 and the latest SARS-CoV-2)

----  We implement a two-step, CLEAN AND DISINFECT procedure to be more effective in eliminating germs and viruses. Cleaning by removing soils and germs, then disinfecting to eliminate germs on surfaces to further lower the risk of infection spreading.

Interested in Specialised Cleaning Service?

Our team of experts will personally perform a rigorous inspection of your commercial property to advise the best solution that fits your budget.

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