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Post Construction Cleaning

The Right People,
The Right Solution.

---- Often building managers or owners conduct post-construction cleaning without involving cleaning professionals.

---- A risky approach as this can pose a threat to the health and safety of the occupants of the building.

----Structural and aesthetic improvements to a building or office space is a huge investment of time and resources and building or renovating project is not complete without a professional and thorough cleaning.

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---- New Building Construction Cleaning

---- New Residential Housing Cleaning

---- Building or Housing Renovation Cleaning

---- Specialised Cleaning

Our Procedure.

---- Our construction cleaning team have years of experience and been thoroughly trained in this discipline, our cleaners are flexible to work in conjunction with contractors ensuring that cleaning is completed within given time frames.

---- Our post construction cleaning consists of three stages to safely and efficiently address post construction cleaning.


Dust Removal





Dust Removal and Contol.

---- Three major construction dust consists of: Silica Dust (concrete, sandstone and mortar), Wood Dust (Hardwood, softwood, MDF and Plywood) and low toxic dust ( plasterboard, gypsum, marble and limestone).

---- Regularly breathing in these harmful construction dusts over a long period of time can cause a life threatening disease on your lungs.

----We use certified dust class M vacuum cleaners to capture medium risk hazardous dust such as crystalline silica dust.

General Cleaning.

---- All surfaces vacuumed, mopped and wiped, cleaning chemicals are also carefully selected to avoid damaging surfaces.

---- Adhesives, paint overspray and masking materials are also removed.

---- Any defects are reported to the construction manager so that remedial action can be taken before the final stage of cleaning.

Final Cleaning.

---- Final phase of cleaning process repeating cleaning activities to minimise dust and dirt buildup and including special attention to interior surfaces, cabinets and also focuses on exterior cleaning, including carpet cleaning, window cleaning and floor polishing if required.

Require Post Construction Cleaning Service?

We guarantee all our construction cleaning work is completed to an exceptional standard, using only the best tools available and environmentally and facility friendly cleaning products.

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